New Logo, New Post, New Stuff

Hey all,

No Thoughts at the moment, I am spending my summer traveling and enjoying vacation before I start work in the fall. But I have done a bit of work on the ThoughtBurner website – I created a new logo (read about it here) and I’ve done some reorganizing of the different pages. I’ve also started working on some new Daily Optimization research projects (which involve some heavy data collecting) and am eating a lot of Korean food (not part of the data collecting, but also delicious). I’ve also created a ThoughtBurner twitter account (@ThoughtBurner) and Facebook page. I should have one or two research projects as well as some new Thoughts, published sometime in August, so make sure to check back soon. Until then, wait on the edge of your seats as you anticipate how much better off you will be when I publish the next Thought that will undoubtedly reveal insights that will help you better optimize your life